Italian luxury brand Montegrappa and Polish brand Wealth Solutions raise a toast with a limited edition fountain pen containing the world’s oldest cognac. The Gautier Cognac Pen is a collaboration between Italian luxury brand Montegrappa and Polish company Wealth Solutions. A unique pen that every collector should have, it comes with a drop of Gautier from 1762 cognac enclosed in a capsule on the cap.

The Gautier Cognac used for this pen collection is no ordinary liquor, it is the world’s oldest cognac on record. The bottle and its content date back to 1762, that is 250 years ago. Wealth Solutions bought this bottle of Gautier Cognac in a rare wines and liquor auction organized by Bonhams Fine Art Auctioneers & Valuers in NYC. Along with the purchase, they also received a title for this as the oldest cognac sold at a public auction to-date.

While the body and cap is made from oak wood, the pen is embellished with grapevine motifs on the body making reference to the noble French liquors. The nib is available in varied thickness and has been made of sterling silver or gold in the version for men, and sterling silver in the version for women. The pen can be filled by a converter or a cartridge. The men edition is 155.5 mm in length, while it stretches up to 130 mm for women.

Pens come in a beautifully made wooden lacquered box with an inkwell and a memorial book about the Cognac Pen. The collection is limited to 100 sterling silver and 10 gold pieces each. The gold version is priced $17,712, both his and her silver versions are priced $5,904.

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